Unleash The Power Of Video Marketing

Power Of Video Marketing

Video marketing is gaining widespread hype, and with 91% of social media users preferring video content over other types of content, it’s certain that this trend will continue to rise further in the near future.

But that’s not the only reason you should hop on the bandwagon of video marketing for your digital content strategies. From Google to almost all social media platforms are promoting video-based content for this strategy’s immense benefits for your brand. Keep reading to explore these benefits in detail.

Increases Conversions And Sales

Video marketing can help you cash on your digital marketing techniques more quickly than other strategies. Whether it’s a product video on your landing page or a short-form video on your social media reels, video marketing is a sure way to connect emotionally with your audience.

Sight, being our most dominant sense, captures the visual information and instantly connects with it. 8 out of 10 users on social media decide to purchase from a brand after watching their video as compared to their other marketing campaigns.

Generate Higher ROI

92% of brands testify to increased ROI as a result of video marketing. However, the key to such incredible results is to focus on the content and the quality of the content. Thanks to the ever-evolving software, creating captivating videos is now much more affordable and easier than it was before.

Builds Trust With Consumers

Building trust with your target audience is the first step to winning them over and influencing their buying decisions. This becomes even more integral if you’re operating through an E-commerce store.

Consumers’ biggest concern nowadays is the risk of being scammed after purchasing online. Through video content, customers can see a BTS view of real people working with real products and thus has a higher chance of gaining their trust.

Positively Impacts Google Rankings

Google’s algorithm receives new updates almost every day, but one thing remains constant, that video improves your search ranking and offers a higher chance to appear on the foremost pages of Google’s search results.

Since website visitors have to stay to watch the video, they spend more time on it. For this reason, Google itself rewards websites with video content by upgrading their search ranking.

Appeals To Smartphone Users

Videos and smartphones are like a match made in heaven. Smartphones assist people in consuming online content on the go, and videos ensure that that content is entertaining and doesn’t bore out the viewer. Thus, as smartphone users grow, the demand for digital video content grows stronger.

Prompts Social Shares

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are actively releasing updates to facilitate easier and more effective video marketing, further highlighting the rise in demand for video content. Another reason these social giants introduce new features as such is that video-based content generates two times more shares than all other modes of content.

Final Words

As people course through their busy lives, video content helps them save time when it comes to learning about a particular brand or its products. Consuming video content has become a driving force for consumers as it can successfully engage even the laziest of customers. Lastly, it seems like video marketing is here to stay, so if you aren’t already availing of its benefits, it’s time to incorporate it into your marketing strategies today.

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